For that ideal body… .we invest hours in the rec center to consume calories and improve our digestion. Be that as it may, the equivalent can be accomplished by squeezing a couple of weight focuses in our body. It sounds Unbelievable, doesn’t it?

Maturity treatments… like pressure point massage and needle therapy are known to fix different sicknesses without reactions. All aspects of your body is associated with these weight points,pressing which you can fix medical issues and even free weight viably.

There are seven weight focuses, which can rapidly help get thinner and increment digestion, increment vitality levels, keep away from and lessen fat stores, and check your craving.

So here’s the strategy and subtleties to decrease those additional kilos. You can say thanks to us later!!


1) Massage the weight point on face

By weight on the weight purpose of your face, you will most likely check your hunger and furthermore control pressure. Stress results in weight gain. So diminish your weight by enacting this point, 2 times each day and see the distinction.

2) Work your digestive tract better by enacting the weight point on your arms.

Press the purposes of your arms a few times each day for a moment and control your body heat! Actuate your digestive system and manage all the vitality going through your body.

3) Get free of additional load by animating the purpose of life span.

This point on your leg is likewise called Zu San Li, an incredible point. It not just helps processing, it additionally checks and controls incendiary issues. The most ideal approach to feel the fact of the matter is by covering your left knee with your correct palm and the other way around… by doing as such you will feel a mark between the finish of pretty much nothing and ring finger bones. Back rub it multiple times clockwise for around 10 mins and abstain from doing this before heading to sleep as it may result in a sleeping disorder. Indeed, even while doing it, on the off chance that you feel uneasiness, don’t stress as its totally protected.

4) Press this point on your ear and increment digestion

Apply weight on this point with your thumb, persistently for three minutes to invigorate digestion. Do this three times each day and begin pulling down additional kilos.

5) Stimulate absorption and quality by squeezing this point on your stomach.

This point is three centimeters beneath your maritime. Move your fingers here and there two times every day for two minutes and free weight quicker and increment assimilation.

6) Balance your body with a decent stomach related framework consequently helping weight reduction.

This point is situated on the inward of your legs, around 2 creeps over your lower leg. Its useful for your spleen and great processing. Put weight with your thumb or knuckle for a moment and after that decrease weight gradually.

7) Indigestion, torment in ribs, ulcers and craving issues will vanish with weight on this point.

This point is known as ‘ stomach distress point’. Known for relieving acid reflux and other medical problems. This point is situated in the line of the ear robe at nearly the finish of the rib confine. Overlay your fingers over this point and apply weight for around 5 minutes.

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