Place a Clothespin on Your Ear For 20 Seconds The Results Will Surprise You

The famous reflexologist Helen Chin Lui continues that “Each ear includes a whole reflex map of the body, rich with nerve endings and multiple connectors to the crucial fearful gadget.”

Place a Clothespin on Your Ear For 20 Seconds The Results Will Surprise You

She speaks about one unusual manner people can boost their fitness, treat various troubles, and revel in comfort soon. Namely, the technique includes placing clothespins on distinct areas on the ears.

The ears have 6 spots which might be related to different body organs and areas. Therefore, with the aid of stimulating these spots, you can remedy various health issues.

Here are the details:

The Upper Part Of The Ear

This ear part is associated with the shoulders and lower back, so urgent it for a minute daily will reduce the built-up tension within the areas.

The Top Of the Ear’s Curve

This point is linked to the organs, and inside the case of internal tenderness or soreness, place a clothespin there to treat it.

The Upper-Middle Part of the Ear

It is associated with the joints, so whilst pressed, it soothes the pain and stiffness in joints.

The Lower-Middle Part of the Ear

When pinched, this spot will relieve the sinusitis or the sore throat, deal with congestion, and help you doze off easily.

Just Above the Earlobe

It is linked to the digestive machine, so its stimulation will soothe belly ache and enhance digestion, and save you such problems.

The Earlobe

This point is linked to the pinnacle and heart, so it will let you soothe complications and migraine, and guide coronary heart health.

If you believe you studied that clothespin is too robust provide this rub down a try:

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