This keto bulletproof espresso recipe is a brilliant way to start your day and come up with a dose of a few coronary heart healthful fats. Adding some fats for your morning coffee goes help make you feel full longer, give you lots of electricity and aide with weight loss. It additionally helps relatively at keeping your cravings at bay, so you gained’t binge on horrific meals.

This is my favorite travel mug for my bulletproof coffee. It continues my espresso warm for hours and is leak & spill evidence so I can simply toss it in my bag!

Since starting the keto eating regimen I’ve experimented around with searching for the suitable bulletproof coffee recipe and problem shoot not unusual problems I was analyzing humans have been having when making bulletproof coffee.

Before I get to my favorite bulletproof coffee recipe, I desired to let you understand some of the issues I saw, in hopes that they received’t show up to you! It also may explain why you haven’t preferred bulletproof espresso inside the beyond.

So right here are some not unusual issues I’ve seen (experience unfastened to skip down to the recipe if you want):

Problem#1: You experience like you are simply drinking oil and butter. You hold getting massive gulps of oil.
Solution: You are most possibly no longer the usage of a blender or no longer blending your coffee sufficient. I’ve experimented with this and in case you attempt to use a spoon to stir on your oil, the oil will constantly separate to the the top leaving you with a mouth complete of oil, yuck!

I also tried whisking for three mins, which became no longer successful both. Your great guess is to use a blender and use the heartbeat placing if possible. This will distribute the oil and butter well.

Another motive for this can be the recipe you were the usage of previous uses TOO lots oil. Many recipes I saw called for two tablespoons of oil and tablespoons of butter. For me in only one cup up espresso, that is manner an excessive amount of oil and butter! My recipe has a lower amount of each, even as nevertheless supplying you with sufficient fats.

Solution: If you aren’t someone that likes cream or milk for your espresso, the butter gives your coffee a cream type taste. My fiance typically likes his coffee black and did no longer just like the butter flavor. For his espresso, I just double the amount of coconut oil (or any oil you pick out) and pass over the butter. Why drink something you don’t like?

I also noticed comments of people announcing they hated the coconut taste. Coconut oil has a coconut taste, no manner around that. If you hate coconut, you likely will no longer like coconut oil to your coffee. Try an oil this is tasteless alternatively, like MCT Oil.

Problem #three: The espresso reasons belly dissatisfied because you could’t tolerate dairy.
Solution: Simply double the oil and leave the butter out to make it dairy loose.

Okay, now that we took care of some common troubles, here is my favored tasty recipe for bulletproof espresso. Also listed are a few optionally available add-ins to jazz up your bulletproof espresso. Enjoy!


Recipe for the BEST Bulletproof Coffee

1 Tbsp Unsalted Grass Fed Butter (I just like the Kerrygold emblem)

1 Tbsp of Coconut Oil or MCT Oil

10-12 ounces of Coffee (or but lots you generally pour to your cup of espresso)


Pour your coffee into the blender and upload your other ingredients. Blending time can vary based on blender, so combo for 30-40 seconds or till your your espresso is first-class and frothy.

If you’re bringing your espresso at the move, this journey mug is leak proof and great!

The oil have to be calmly dispensed, but in case you are seeing oil gathering in the direction of the top of your cup, you need to blend it longer.

If your blender has a pulse putting, I’ve located this is my desired manner to blend my espresso. Pulse the aggregate approximately 10-20 times for the perfect cup up bulletproof espresso.

Which oil is excellent?

Coconut oil or MCT oil are the two common oils recommended for keto bullet evidence coffee. Both are top and can aide in fat loss and give you electricity.

Difference in Oils, MCT vs. Coconut

MCT is brief for “medium-chain triglycerides”, that is a saturated fatty acid. MCT facilitates provide you with strength, is extremely good for mind feature, and can increase weight reduction.

Think of MCT oil because the maximum focused model of MCT, but coconut oil nonetheless incorporates MCT as nicely. With coconut oil MCT makes up approximately 65% of the fatty acids.

MCT oil is usually extra costly and much less with ease available, so I normally go along with coconut oil. However, many people love MCT oil. You must do what works the nice for you.

As stated in advance in case you don’t just like the taste of coconut, MCT oil is tasteless and you’ll possibly decide upon it to coconut.

If you’re nevertheless questioning in case you must go with MCT oil or coconut oil, this newsletter from Dr. Axe is superb! The essential takeaway is both oils may be useful and help aide in your weight loss.

Optional Add Ins To Spice Up Your Bulletproof Coffee


Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Keto Protein Powder


Heavy Cream

Pumpkin Pie Spice and/or cloves

Cocoa Butter

Pink Himalayan Salt

Almond milk or dairy unfastened milk of your liking

Let me realize how your bulletproof coffee turned out or share your favorite upload-ins!

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